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Ten years ago we traveled through South America starting an adventure that has only gotten better over the last decade. Since then, we've lived and taught in Northeast Asia and the Middle East. Throughout our travels and time as educators, we have developed an understanding and passion for bringing education to children with least access around the world. By bringing you handcrafted and unique products, we're together creating education opportunities for children who need it the most. 

Children need supplies to participate in school and have access to fundamental skills such as reading and writing or basic arithmetic. In some parts of Bolivia, children are not admitted into class unless they have the needed supplies. Your purchase helps bring these supplies to children who need it the most. 

Josh grew up in Bolivia, South America. He's an avid reader and lover of travel and adventure. He lives in Portland, OR with his family.

Mandi loves to travel with her family and to make connections with new people. She believes deeply in a child's right to an education and giving people a second chance.