El Mercado Api

El Mercado Api


El Mercado is a colorful addition to your every-day needs. Made with Andean aguayo and leather straps, take it shopping, to workor out with you at night. It's sure to turn heads with its stand-out color and simple, modern design. Whether you need a quick carryall for extra stuff on the go or use the Mercado as an everyday bag, you'll appreciate the double-stitched sides, brass closure button, and beautiful leather straps. 

Each inti product is hand made with hand-selected materials; all wool and leather are naturally-vegetable dyed. Due to this particular process, products may vary slightly from images captured on our website. What does that mean? You're getting a truly unique product! Questions? Email us at contact@intifinds.com

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This is a limited run print and very limited quantity.