The Missionary Light

The Missionary Light


The Missionary is a generously sized bag, handmade with style and durability in mind. The exterior pocket gives easy access to your phone and other quick-need items. The is the perfect work bag, oversized purse, or adventure bag big enough to hold your essentials plus your kid's favorite stuffed animal.

Each inti product is hand made with hand-selected materials; all wool and leather are naturally-vegetable dyed. Due to this particular process, products may vary slightly from images captured on our website. What does that mean? You're getting a truly unique product! Questions? Email us at


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Aguayo wool made with all-natural vegetable dyes and vegetable-dyed leather. Spot clean only with a clean white, damp towel. Colors should not run, even if you get caught in a little rain (and that's been tried and tested in Portland!). Leather will take on a patina that represents your daily use and lifestyle, which makes every bag age in a distinct and unique way.